mercoledì 17 dicembre 2014

Executive Council Meeting 119, Hotel Adria, Dubrovnik, Croatia

ECM 119 was held on Sunday, October 12 2014 at Hotel Adria, in Dubrovnik, Croatia. In his report, the President of the Union, Mariano Anderle welcomed the participants and wished a successful ECM.  The Secretary General, Christoph Eisenmenger‐Sittner expressed his thanks to the Italian Vacuum Society in general and to the President of the Union in special for organizing an excellent ECM 118. Thanks were also expressed to the Croatian Vacuum Society for providing the excellent facilities in which ECM 119 was held as well as for the flawless organization.
Moving on in the agenda, from the six workshop proposals received, three were recommended for funding by the STD. All of these proposals were approved for funding by ECM 119. Workshop number 75 was proposed by PSTD and EMPD and is entitled "Sheath Phenomena in Plasma Processing of Advanced Materials". It will be held from 19th – 23rd January, 2015 in Cerklje na Gorenjskem, Slovenia. Workshop number 76, proposed by ASSD, TFD, and SSD, will be held from July 6th – 10th in Avila, Spain will deal with the physical properties of ultrathin oxide films. Workshop number 77, finally, was proposed by VSTD. It will be held from Aug 15‐20 or or Aug 28‐Sept 3, 2016 in Fuefuki/Japan as a satellite meeting to IVC 20 in Korea. It will deal with surface processes, gas dynamic and vacuum technology of cryogenic vacuum
systems. Concerning workshops and schools submitted it can be observed that several proposals had a very high scientific and technological level so that the process of selecting the best proposals has become very competitive.